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short biographical notes

Born in 1954, he devoted himself to painting from the end of the seventies.
His works have been exhibited in numerous personal exhibitions, including: Woodcuts at the Sormani Library in Milan, with a note by Alda Merini and Ito Itaru; Beyond the curtain of the dream at the Tikkun Gallery in Milan, curated by Arturo Schwarz and Riccardo Barletta, the new man will arrive at the Primo's Gallery in Brescia curated by Riccardo Barletta; In the dream gardens at the Piccolo Miglio (Castle) in Brescia curated by Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz; Beyond the look at the Diocesan Museum of Brescia curated by Giuseppe Fusari.
Poetica,Villa Mirabella Vittoriale degli italiani,settembre 2022 febbraio 2023.
Appears in the catalog of the exhibition The Artist And The Book In Twentieth-Century Italy of the MoMA in New York (1992).
He illustrated the covers of The Easy Life by Alda Merini (Bompiani 1996) and Elogio della Cultura by Agostino Mantovani (MarcoSerraTarantola publisher, 2014) collaborates with numerous covers at CIRMiB in the  Vita e Pensiero editions.
His works illustrate several books of poetry from the Pulcinoelefante and L'Obliquo editions, including: Il mio oceano che dorme (with poems by Alberto Casiraghy, 1996), Fuochi Fatui (with poems by Alberto Albertini, 1997), The vertical horizon (with poems by Alessandro Pelliccioli, 2012).Poetica-le immagini nella poesia-la poesia per immagini.Villa Mirabella Vittoriale degli Italiani.texts by Agostino Mantovani and by Giordano Bruno Guerri. Il viaggio di Ulisse poems by Gabriele d'Annunzio and works by Franco Rinaldi, edited for the exhibition Villa Mirabella Vittoriale degli italiani,settembre 2022 febbraio 2023.
A list of the exhibitions on can be found in the downloadable pdf on the catalog page


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